Possible frame design systems with crystalline modules.

Wing span of table:

from 1,60 m to 4,20 m can be used upcan be used upto snow zone 3 (280 kg/m²).

Slide-in module carrier profile V7-ES

2mhks1f 800x550 tamp

ks11 or 2 modules portrait

3mqks1f 800x550 tamp

ks1.13 modules landscape

4mqks1f 800x550 tamp

ks1.24 modules landscape

3mqks1fow 800x550 tamp

ks1.3East-West orientation
all combinations possible

3D Modell 1 Fuss 4q Nord Sued

3D view KS 1 
clamped module
carrier profile

3D Model Einschub 1 Fuss 4q Nord Sued

3D view KS 1
Slide-in module
carrier profile

3D Modell 1 Fuss Einschub 4qOst West

3D view KS 1
East-west orientation and
East-west orientation


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