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  • Kentishes England 5.0 Mwp

  • Project Sweden

    4.2 MWp, construction time: 4 weeks, completed in January 2017
  • Your competent partner in PV-structures for open-air Solar Farms

    More than 1,5 gigawatt of carrier system for open-fieldphotovoltaic installations all over Europe are evidence ofcustomer satisfaction and our ability to adapt our system to themarket requirements.
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Your competent partner in 
PV-structures for open-air Solar Farms

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Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important. There are many possibilities to utilize the power of nature such as hydropower, wind power or solar power.

“From sunlight to electricity” is an interesting and impressive method to generate and make available renewable and sustainable energy resources. For this reason, we CWF have set ourselves the task to contribute in this approach with our competitiveness in the field.

If we have made you curios about this topic and you have plans for an open-air solar farm project, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly support you starting from the planning throughout the mounting of our own structure.



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