Module fastening Vario slide-in


zbh es 001 tamp zbh es 002 tamp zbh es 003 tamp

Slide-in module carrier profile 

System properties:

  • For all current module-frame heights

  • Module carrier made of aluminum alloy à no contact corrosion

  • Wedge spacer allows optimal fixation of the modules and a uniform installation optics

  • Retaining clamp

    • Certified to UL 2703 and TÜV requirements
      Grounding of the modules (optionally by attaching the retaining clamp to all modules)

    • avoids the slipping of the modules

    • ensures electrical conductivity

    • antitheft retardant

Mechanical specifications:

  • Outstanding statical advantages.

  • Smooth and damage-preventing installation or de-installation for maintenance or repairs

  • Screwless installation of modules

Module fastening Vario clamp system


Vario Klammersystem zbh klammer 002 tamp zbh klammer 003 tamp zbh klammer 004 tamp

Installation on the module carrier or longitudinal beam

System properties:

  • Aluminium alloy → no bimetallic contact corrosion

  • Drilling screw:

    • self-cutting and made of Inox A2 material

    • also available in anti-theft variant.

  • For all current module-frame heights

Mechanical specifications:

  • High static safety factor.


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