• suitable for bifacial use
  • no braces required in the system
  • cable duct integrated in the system


Vario SMART Zeichnung
  • 2 to 4 modules portrait
  • wing span of table from 5 m to approx. 7 m
  • North-South & East-West orientation possiblelich

smart 2 4 hoch rev

Vario SMART Zeichnung
  • 4 to 6 modules landscape
  • wing span of table from 4 m to approx. 7 m
  • North-South & East-West orientation possible

smart 4 6 quer rev

Vario SMART Ost-Westausrichtung Zeichnung
  • East-West orientation

Vario SMART Ost-Westausrichtung


Vario SMART Agri PV Zeichnung
  • Agricultural solution

Vario SMART Agri PV Pfosten

3D Modell 2 Fuss 6q SMART Nord Sued

3D Ansicht Vario SMART

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