Vario Carrier system

Through our patented, multi-static tested Vario System, both S and C mounting piles Through our patented, multi-static tested Vario System, both S and C mounting piles can be chosen. The cross beam is fixed to the mounting pile with six M12 screws, making a collapse of the structure completely impossible. 

Our cross beams are individually adapted to each module layout. The  advantage here is that the loads are distributed evenly across the entire frame design. Besides, it is also possible to further stabilize the cross beams to avoid excessive vibrations in the case of storms. The system is suitable for both framed and frameless modules. 

For the entire system we only use high quality, weather-resistant and durable materials and components.

We at CWF want to leave nothing to chance as we want to make sure that your outdoor system withstands the forces of nature for at least 20 years.

We will be pleased to offer you advice and support to any further question about our system.

The patented CWF Vario angle-adjustment system

  • High flexibility on adaption to the compound
  • Highly flexible and precise angle adjustment

CWF Vario Winkelsystem

Vario KS I 1-Post-System

  • 1

Vario KS II 2-Post-System

  • 1

Vario DS System

  • 1

Vario SP Possible frame design system for unconventional areas

  • 1

Vario SMART 2-Post-System

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