Vario solutions

Special solutions for special requirements.

Because of the growing number of converting areas we develop and offer customized building
structures for special projects.

Restrictions to construction activity, such as very short piling depths or general piling interdiction in
the soil can be taken into account by using Vario solutions.

Pfosten für Horizontallast

Post reinforcement for horizontal loads

  • North-South & East-West orientation possibleh


Pfosten zur Vermeidung von Absenkungen

Post reinforcement to prevent terrain lowering

  • North-South & East-West orientation possible

solutions absenkung

Pfosten mit Auflastfundament

Ballast footing

  • E.g. project-related concrete footings
  • North-South & East-West orientation possible

solutions auflastfundament

Geländespeziefische anpassungen

Terrain-specific solutions

  • 2-post-system
  • terrain parallel construction
  • floor clearance 0,4 - 1,0m

solutions gelaendesp

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