Vario SP

Possible frame design systems for unconventional areas (e.g. converting areas).

Because of the growing number of converting areas we develop and offer customized building structures for special projects.

Restrictions to construction activity, such as very short piling depths or general piling interdiction in the soil can be takeninto account by using Vario SP

1mhsp1 800x550 tamp

SP1Post reinforcement for horizontal loads

  • North-South & East-West orientation possible
1mhsp2 800x550 tamp

sp2Post reinforcement to prevent terrain lowering

  •  North-South & East-West orientation possible
2mhsp3be 800x550 tamp

sp3Ballast footing

  • e.g. project-related concrete footings
  • North-South & East-West orientation possible

sp4Terrain-specific solutions

  • 2-post-system
    up to 7 modules landscape
    up to 4 modules portrait


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